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Compliance Regulations & Auditing Consultancy
We assist your organisation in its goal to adhere to regulatory compliances. Compliance with regulation is a large and daunting task. 2MN can offer advice, support and assistance in dealing with all aspects of the regulation process, including the assessment of existing working practices.

Site Discovery
This approach is to determine your IT infrastructure, from both financial and technical perspectives. Our approach is based on the Infrastructure Optimisation model and seeks to help you assess levels of IT maturity and identify potential service improvements and applications integrations if needed.

Design and Build
our Professional Services consultants will work with you to create and build a secure environment to deploy your solution, make sure it meets your business requirement, as well as your end-user expectation while adhering to your line of business compliances. All build processes follow best-practice engineering concepts and are fully managed by our Project Management team. A complete and concise design and recommendation in areas for infrastructure refresh which meet your goals.

Implement and Optimize
our consultants have significant experience in the health analysis of customer infrastructure. We will ensure that, as a solution is developed, critical performance indicators are assessed and remediated to ascertain compliance with the projects originally-stated goal.

Product Training
2MN consultants are dedicated to providing a carefully designed training to empower Admin and end-users through direct, focused training programs that enable your organization to get started quickly. 2MN training helps set the stage for long term success and efficiency by taking you from the technological background to the day to day operation, making your organization successful from the first deployment through ongoing end user support.

Technical Support
2MN support team is trained to provide the highest technical assistance via email, phone or instant messages. Our support team is accessible 24/7 and operates from our different offices.
All incidents are prioritized and recorded in our incident management system to ensure customer issues are addressed and resolved appropriately. Any unresolved issues are escalated to technology vendors. Customers are kept informed of cases status updates till complete resolution.

Migration is a core competency. Our consultants will work with you to plan, test and perform migrations of users, data, from your current infrastructure to the desired state, whether the transition is an upgrade to a newer version or transfer to a different hardware.

Solution Management
2MN consultants will develop, build and operate infrastructure management solutions according to the guiding principles of best practices. Furthermore, we can remotely manage your infrastructure and keep it to the highest level of operation, while you focus on your day to day business.

Customization and API Integration
Often integration solutions involve software consultancy and bespoke software development that address complex integration issues; in this area, we also deliver quality and supportable on budget custom software. Our consultants also have many years of hands-on experience in designing, implementing and integrating products into enterprise environments.

If you're considering any of our services, please email us: info@2mn.co.uk