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Risk Analysis

Security risk analysis, otherwise known as risk assessment, is fundamental to the security of any organization. It is essential in ensuring that controls and expenditure are fully commensurate with the risks to which the organization is exposed.
Ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing exposure to data security threat is our motivation. With proven best practices and an advanced knowledge of IT security, our security experts help reduce risk and mitigate threats to your IT infrastructure through audits, penetration testing, consulting, and digital forensic analysis.

Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment follows the discovery process which identifies the level of importance and data sensitity whithin your organization infrastructure.
Along with your team, 2MN expert will assess each data to identify and rate the impact each data breach would have on your business operation and reputation if you were to be exposed or loose them.
A severity rating would be established to identify the level of importance and what action to take whether to move, secure and encrypt them.

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