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Joining the team

2MN is an equal opportunity employer. We offer competitive employment opportunities in various areas of our organisation. Check out our job offering and send us your CV.


Range of Services

Our services range from Risk Assessment, solution deployment, training and support. We assist in identifying the business needs and provide solutions to meet them.


Creating the awareness

Knowing the risk and how to remediate has always been our priority. Along with our partners, 2MN provides training seminars and workshops for our customers.

2MN is a very active company praised by many of its partners and customers, thanks to its experienced team with more than 15 years in the industry. Its management and consultants have acquired their experience and expertise while exercising at many fortune 500 companies.

We pride ourselves on the use of the world’s best breed of technologies and highly trained engineers in business today. Our values rely on a highly motivated and experienced team, trained and certified to the highest ethics and standards, to develop trusted and close relationship with our partners, vendors and clients.

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