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1. Current State / Gap Analysis:
Current state analysis helps organization to understand the current state of the infrastructure. It also finds out gaps vis-ŗ-vis desired model/standard or with the selected inputs. Key inputs for current state analysis include Business/IT objectives, Best practices, and selected models/standards, in addition to the practices that are being assessed. Under Gap Analysis we discover the improvement opportunities for the organization and the recommended changes.

2. Discovery
Discovery is usually a 2-3 week engagement that reviews your project infrastructure and needs, develops a customised architecture, and produces a high level project plan. For integration projects, it identifies the required services.

3. Proof of Concept
A Proof of concept (PoC) is typically a 2-4 week offering and serves as a blueprint for how a solution should be used and lay the groundwork for future architecture and governance roll-out. A small investment in fully understanding the technology and how to use it most effectively will have a large pay-off later.

4. Pilot
A Pilot validates the results of a Discovery engagement with either (a) a part of the defined project or (b) a limited number of users. The Pilot engagement also provides your internal staff with training and skills transfer. The length of the Pilot engagement depends on the scope of the Pilot, and the level of integration required.

5. Full Implementation
Full Implementation is customised and engagement length depends on the role you wish our consultants to have - choices range from little intervention, giving you the full control to deploy and implement or we do the full deployment from start to end for you all the way to user training.

6. Training
Training is a critical element of deployment phase of any process improvement initiative. High Quality of training reflects on teamís ability to ramp-up on required skills and deploy the new practices. It plays a key role in Organization change management of deploying new processes or getting compliant to a new model. 2MN consultants have been trained as trainers to impart professional process training.

7. Audits & Assessments This phase reflect compliance and effectiveness of process, people, tools and their interactions with the deployed solution. Audits and Assessments serve as qualitative indicators of practice implementation across the IT organization.

8. Tuning and Maintenance
Periodically, you may want our consulting experts to evaluate your technical architecture and configuration, and assist with solution maintenance to be sure you are applying best practices. Generally Tuning and Maintenance engagements range from 2 to 5 days, and are recommended twice per year.

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